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Hello! My name is Adam Kemp.

For over a decade I have been learning and experimenting with the best ways to increase your vertical jump. Although I have a health and fitness website related to all aspects of health and fitness, I wanted to have a space dedicated specifically to the vertical jump because it is probably my favorite topic overall!

Best Supplements for Vertical Jump Training

There aren’t any supplements that will instantly make you jump higher, but there are some supplements for vertical jump training that will help you build fast-twitch muscles so you can jump higher! Learn More

Squat vs. Deadlifts for Jumping Higher

One of the most popular question for both bodybuilders and athletes alike is always, “What’s better, the squat or deadlift?” However, for me, there is a clear answer about which is better for increasing your vertical jump. Learn More

Stairs and Hills for Increasing Your Vertical Jump

Two of my favorite ways to increase the vertical jump are running hills and stairs. Utilizing hill and stair running can increase two crucial aspects of your vertical jump in a small amount of time! Learn More


Adam Kemp is a professional basketball player, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, and M.S. Nutrition Education Student.

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